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Chien ( Alan ) is founder, director of Alan Tour and has been at the helm of the travel firm since May 2004. He has dedicated his professional career of tour guide, trip leader, travel advisor and meeting, hotel manager, incentive organizer for over 8 years. He graduated from Tourism and management course in University with a BA in Tourism.

Alan began his career as professional tour guide in 2004. Starting as trekking guide in Sapa from the beginning. He was a trip leader as well as tour director of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia areas. During this special time, He made some movies to promote himself in the near future. As He loves Indochinese countries so much.

Video1  About Food, Daily life, Culture:  Incredible Vietnam

Video 2: About Laos Travel

Video 3: About Cambodia Travel
Since May 2008, Alan Tour was official founded by Chien and a professional M.I.C.E and travel specialist team. He manages the company approaching Asia destinations, especially Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Alan Tour has been growing rapidly, and has an outstanding reputation for customer service.

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