Laos is a locked country which hides a great treasure of nature and hospitality from Laotians.
At Alan Tour, we will the best ideas to enjoy your wonderful trip with us in Laos. Our following tips will provide you some recommendations while preparing your tours to Laos:

Laos Travel Tips

1.  Laos Visas
Get ready for your visas to Laos on arrival with 2 passport photos, 6month valid passport, 1 page blank to stamp your visa and 30usd for visa stamp fee.

2. Flights to Laos
Direct flights are available from Bangkok, Singapore , Vietnam and Cambodia.If you wish to take a cheap flight, Air Asia is a good choice.

3. Laos weather
The weather of Laos is divided into 2 season wet and dry. It is hot all the year round. Take appropriate clothes for your travel.

4. Something you should not miss:
– Visit Luang Prabang & adventure to its secluded villages, waterfalls.
– Capture the Luang Nam Tha tower in Luang Prabang
– Kayaking in Nam Ou River- Behold the sunset in Mekong Laos
– Unveil the mystery of Plain of Jar- Meet Laos people and enjoy a homestay
– Follow the fishermen to learn how to fish in Khong Islands
– Enjoy the pastries that Laos inherited from Colonial time. Laos pan cake or bread can be as good as in France or some other places where the bread is major food.
– Sticky rice & special local food. Personally, we love them and we believe that you will love them too.
– Giving the alms to Laos Monks or simply witness that beautiful scene.
 – Fruit shake in Laos is so good that you will remember it for the next visit

5. How to travel nicely in Laos:
– Show your respect to local people with smiles and remember do not touch their heads, specially the monks. It is considered as an insulted action.
– Do not shout because Laotian likes the peace
– Play with children, your visit will be their highlights of the day.
– Asking for permission when you take photos , it would be very nice if you do so in a remote area.
– It is better to wear long trouser while paying the visit to temple or pagoda
– Do not refuse an invitation for lunch or dinner. Laos people do invites you with their best hospitality

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