There are 4  International airports in Laos:
1. Vientiane Airport ( flight code: VTE)
2. Luang Prabang Airport ( flight code: LPQ)
3. Pakse Airport ( flight code: PKZ)
4. Savanakhet Airport ( flight code ZVK)

Most of direct flights to Laos are from southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore.
Airlines that offers flights to Laos international flights are:
1. Laos Airlines
2. Thai Airways
3. Vietnam Airlines
4. Air Asia
5. Bangkok Airways

At Alan Tour, we introduce you some tips so that you can prepare better your flights to Laos:
– Flight frequency to Laos are most condensed from Bangkok or Hanoi. From Noi Bai airport or Suvarnabhumi, you can find flights to Luang Prabang, Vientiane or Pakse.
– Flights from Cambodia to Laos are not daily, please check carefully the flight schedule before planning your trip.
– Laos flights can be perchased online easily with flight websites from Vietnam or Laos, specially for domestic flights.
– Check carefully for Laos Visa before taking the flights to Lao

Established in 1976, Laos Airlines was once known as Civil Aviation Company then Royal Air Lao and now Lao Air lines.
Nowadays, the Lao Airlines network extends to six international destinations and six locations inside the Lao PDR. New routes are planned for the future, including within the CLMV economic zone of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam, China as well as to Hong Kong and Singapore.

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